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Implementing Best Practices in Corn Stover Harvest & Collection
Recorded: January 23, 2014 | 2:00 PM CST

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Tim Portz
Executive Editor
Biomass Magazine
Brian Wienhold
USDA Agricultural Research Services
Glenn Farris
Harrison Pettit
Pacific Ag
Tom Robb

This webinar will offer a comprehensive discussion on the evolving best practices for gathering, storing and handling corn stover for later use in biofuel production. Given the near completion of Abengoa’s cellulosic plant in Kansas and the accelerating construction progress of DuPont and Poet-DSMs’ plants, the imminent demand for feedstock has driven theory into practice, and practice into lessons learned. The webinar will assess the opportunities and impacts of corn stover removal on agricultural soils and the emerging cellulosic ethanol industry. The webinar will provide attendees with a current and comprehensive illustration of the harvest and transportation logistics that are being implemented in the communities around cellulosic ethanol plants in America’s Corn-belt.